Police Secrets – What Your Attorney Wants You to Know

//Police Secrets – What Your Attorney Wants You to Know

Police Secrets – What Your Attorney Wants You to Know

Police Interrogation - Criminal Defense AttorneyThe police officers in our Metro Detroit communities have an important job keeping our neighborhoods, homes, and streets safe. There’s no doubt that they have a challenging job, and we are grateful that they are here to protect our community. Another part of a police officer’s job is to help investigate and prosecute those individuals who are suspected of a crime. This job is crucial to our judicial system, and often provides important information during court proceedings. However, if you are suspected of a crime, you should know that there are secrets that the police keep about the ways they gather evidence. These secrets can work against you if you’ve been accused of a crime.


Police have the right to interrogate you in order to acquire the information and evidence that they need to build their case against you. This interrogation can be very aggressive and last for a very long time. The police will use every tactic that they have in their tool box, to break you down and get you to admit to the crime or to provide information that they can use against you. Even if you are innocent, it is not a good idea to cooperate with the police. When you are taken in to police custody, you are given your Miranda rights. These rights give you the opportunity to remain silent and not incriminate yourself. We highly suggest that you take advantage of this right, and keep silent until you have proper legal representation.

Police Lies

It is legal for the police to make false statements or lie, to get you to admit details of the crime or to get a confession from you. This seems wrong, but in fact it is completely legal for them to use this tactic to gain information. Even if you are innocent, this tactic can be used to get you to admit to knowing about the crime or insinuating your involvement. The lies that police may tell to get information from you may include:

  • telling you someone already implicated you
  • offering little or no jail time in return for information
  • or offering to not charge you with a crime.

Keep in mind, only judges hand down sentences and prosecutors are responsible for pressing charges. Don’t fall for these tactics, and keep your cool and your mouth closed until you are joined by your attorney.

We All Make Mistakes

Police are no different. They can make mistakes during their investigation. Even if they realize that they have errored, they don’t have to tell you they’ve made a mistake. They will often continue to interrogate you to try and get a confession, even if you are innocent, and even if they have made big mistakes in collecting evidence and information. If the evidence they have gathered was done in a manner that is against your Constitutional rights, your attorney will know, and be able to provide you with the proper support to ensure that these pieces of evidence are not allowed in your case.

Search Warrants

There are often times, real legitimate reasons that a police officer will need to search your home, business, or vehicle. Legal searches are an important part of criminal investigations. However, it is important that you remember that a search can only be conducted if there is strong probable cause and with a search warrant. If you are suspected of a crime, you do not have to allow a police officer to search your property, if they don’t have a search warrant. If an officer attempts to search your property, ask to see the search warrant, and promptly call your attorney.

You Can Go Free

If you have not been arrested for a crime, and you are being held for questioning, you don’t have to stay. Individuals often forget that unless you have been arrested, you have no obligation to remain in their custody. Before you are interrogated, ask the officer if you are free to go. If they say you are free to leave, do so immediately and promptly call your attorney. If you are being detained and are not free to leave, say nothing and wait for your attorney to arrive.

Looking for The Best Criminal Defense Attorney Near You?

There is no doubt that police officers keep our Metro Detroit communities safe, and give us all peace of mind knowing that they are there to help us. It is also important to remember that they have a job to do, and often times they will use every option available to them to solve a crime. If you are suspected of a crime, and need a criminal defense attorney that will work hard for you, contact the Law Offices of Matthew S. Kolodziejski. Mr. Kolodziejski specializes in criminal defense in Metro Detroit and knows how to work in your best interest.

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