Detroit White-Collar Crime: Target, Subject, Witness

///Detroit White-Collar Crime: Target, Subject, Witness

Detroit White-Collar Crime: Target, Subject, Witness

Detroit White-Collar Crime Criminal Defense AttorneyWhite-collar crimes in this country are generally considered federal crimes. As such, they are under the jurisdiction of Assistant United States Attorneys. When the government is investigating white-collar crimes, there are generally a long list of individuals that are considered crucial to the prosecution of the crime. Your status in this investigation and prosecution can mean different strategies for how your attorney will leverage your knowledge and protect you during the process. If you are involved in a white-collar crime case, here are some things you need to know about your status in the case.

You’re the Target

If you or your business are the target of a white-collar crime investigation in Metro Detroit, you probably want to make sure that you have a good legal team on your side. If you or your business are being investigated for some sort of federal, white-collar crime you should know that this status means that you have already been designated as “guilty” by the prosecution and they are working to find all of the things and people that can support their assertion. Many of the strategies that federal agents and the US Attorney’s office may use can be unfair and may be violations of your rights as an individual or business owner.

Being the Subject

If you have been classified as the subject of a white-collar crime, the DOJ has determined that they are not yet sure if your actions or conduct are illegal, but they are certainly questionable. The problem with being a subject of a white-collar crime investigation is that your status can quickly change from “subject” to “target” depending on the evidence and information that is gathered by the US Attorney’s office and federal agents. A good legal team supporting your case can make all of the difference between becoming a target or clearing your participation in a white-collar crime. In some cases, it may be in your best interest to cooperate as much as possible with DOJ investigators. However, this isn’t a time to battle alone, and skilled attorneys on your side can help you maneuver the often unfair and unethical methods employed by the DOJ to determine your role in the crime.

Just a Witness

Think being a witness to a federal white-collar crime is no big deal? Well think again. Those same unfair and unethical tactics that the DOJ investigators use on targets and subjects can be used against you. Being just a witness also doesn’t protect you from becoming a subject or target, so its crucial that you have a good attorney and legal team behind you if you should be named a witness in a white-collar crime. There have been many cases where witnesses are also charged with a felony crime, related to the larger white-collar crime, and are sentenced to jail time. To avoid this, work closely with your attorney to ensure that while you are cooperating fully, your rights are protected and your status as only a witness is protected.

I Need A Detroit White-Collar Crime Criminal Defense Attorney!

White-collar crimes are not a small thing. If you are the target, subject, or witness in a white-collar crime in Metro Detroit, you need to have qualified and strong representation. The team at the Law Offices of Matthew S. Kolodziejski are experienced in protecting your rights in white-collar crime cases. If you need a strong ally on your side, call us today at (313) 736-5060.

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