Sex Crimes

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Sex Crimes Attorney - Metro Detroit MIThere is nothing more disturbing than being accused of a sex crime or an offense against a minor. These cases can carry severe penalties including significant prison time and being placed on the sex offender registry (SORA). Despite the potential penalties, the evidence in these cases can often be extremely weak and often comes down to nothing more than the word of the so called “victim” against the accused. In these situations the case can often be won through effective cross-examination, motions practice, and knowledge of DNA and scientific evidence. A skilled attorney can expose the obvious weaknesses in these cases and guide a client towards dismissal or acquittal of the charges. The Law Office of Matthew S. Kolodziejski, PLLC has obtained numerus victories against these types of allegations, and routinely defends against cases involving:

  • Criminal sexual conduct
  • Sexual assault
  • Molestation
  • Possessing or manufacturing illegal images
  • Child abuse and neglect


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