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Criminal Defense Attorney - Metro Detroit MIThe Law Office of Matthew S. Kolodziejski, PLLC represents clients charged with all felony and misdemeanor offenses in state and federal courts. Being charged with a crime doesn’t just mean the threat of prison or jail time, but also collateral consequences that can last a lifetime. A criminal conviction can lead to the loss of your civil rights, employment, and future earnings. Some criminal defense attorneys will try to resolve your charges using the path of least resistance because it is convenient for them. You might be pressured to take an unfavorable plea deal even if it’s unfair or you are innocent. If you value your freedom and civil liberties, you need an attorney who cares about your case as much as you do. We are prepared to fight for your best interests at all times, both in and out of the courtroom. If you have been charged with a crime, we have the skills and experience necessary to help you. We represent clients facing a wide variety of charges, including:


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